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The 2020 Social Media Week – Lagos was a fantastic experience, more so for me as I was part of a panel with the theme ‘Social Media Wars – Dreads, Tattoos and Passwords’. As expected, the discussion was quite interesting, seeing as the subject is pretty sensitive as panelists presented views that did not all go the same direction.

Joining me on the panel was Sterling Bank MD, Abubakar Suleiman, Social Good Advocate, Segalink, Lagos OAP, Gbemi O and Dolapo Badmus, a former Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Police Command. Speaking on the position of the police and the constant complaints of harassment by Nigerian, Dolapo Badmus was quite clear that this was wrong and urged Nigerians to speak out if they get harassed.

Segalink suggested a direct link between the issue and the years of military rule in Nigeria

We have had many years of military interregnum where everybody sees leadership as an oppressive force that makes you what you don’t want to do naturally. – Segalink

Still on the issue, Dolapo Badmus did have some good advice for the audience, stating that if stopped by the police, people should “try to be friendly, identify yourself and be composed’’. Decent takeaway if you ask me. And one thing even she agreed to was that appearances do not make people criminals. Coming from a police officer, that says a whole lot.

To have an inclusive society you have to go without judgment. – Abubakar Suleiman, MD, Sterling Bank

As for random searches and officers demanding to search phones and laptops, that only should happen with probable cause. Granted the police is doing its best to safeguard citizens, we all agree. But clearly there is room for improvement, especially with regards general attitudes towards the treatment of civilians who don’t fit blue-collar profiles.

Sterling Bank MD, Abubakar Suleiman, insisted that inclusiveness was a quality much needed in Nigeria and a viable means to end harassment. 

Inclusiveness is the only way you can have a sustainable society. No matter how progressive you are, if you don’t have inclusiveness, you cannot progress.

Personally, I believe that we, Nigerians, can fix the situation. And when I say Nigerians, I’m not talking about just the men and women in uniform. Civilians also have a role to play. Inclusiveness works both ways and tolerance is just as important.

All in all, it was an exciting discussion. We got a couple of pictures of the event to share as well. Stay posted for updates and more information about future events and appearances.


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